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Apparently tasks from the new slayer master have a chance for rare supply drops, as in 100+ noted herbs / food (like snapdragons, torstols, raw sharks, etc.) valued at 100-200k+. You are restricted in where you do your slayer.
Didn't take long, they already nerfing the drop table by 30-50%. I still think this drop table is very appealing and profitable, and it's probably a good thing you can't get 200 high level herbs / 2mil value from a mid-level random drop. It hits 1/100 kills for combat 100 mobs and 1/50 for combat 350 mobs, so almost 1-2 times per task.

My 150th task is from her, doing 200 gargoyles in slayer tower. I'm taking the slow approach of doing the rooftop boss for it in hopes of the pet. Wish me luck...
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"Cali" SMH.
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