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Originally Posted by Z3ta View Post
Quite patronizing. I think what youre trying to say is I have no idea why I passed. Im fairly certain the vast majority of people who failed needing most improvement on task 2 believed they made a suggestion and defended it.

I believe the SOA has a checklist of reasons to fail papers that is more specific than not answering the question well as stated. Neither people who pass nor fail have a clue what those reasons are.

This whole thing is unproductive and unethical and unfortunately as soon as people make it through they tend to look at the FAP course through rose-colored glasses. Actuaries need to start communicating displeasure with this process so our credentials are less arbitrary.

Lets say you are correct that the entire point of everything in the FAP course is simply to learn to make suggestions and adequately defend them. Why do we need 6 mini projects and 2 assessments to prove that? Id be very interested to learn more about what the CAS does in place of the FAP. I suspect its far better.
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