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Originally Posted by mlschop View Post
Um...Diablo was the basis for WoW, so it's no surprise that D3 is going to borrow stuff that WoW has perfected.

To say you love Diablo but hate WoW is pretty stupid IMO
I disagree.

To me, Diablo is a jump-in-hack-and-slash and when you are done, you can just be done with it. The single player mode is also important to me.

Whereas, WoW is definitely multiplayer oriented. The variety is too much (player class, race, profession etc) for my liking. If I really go in, then I guess I' ll be stuck few days reading guides etc.

My main liking for D2 was that I can spend not as much time on the game and yet still enjoy it with friends in a private game.. Not so much in a MMORPG environment.

I know some people swear by WoW. But its just not my cup of tea.. Maybe 'cause I know if I play it , I'll get too addicted and not have a life. Sigh.
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