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Default FAP Modules Books

Selling all the books needed for the FAP Modules. PM me if interested.

1. Klugman, S., 2012. Understanding Actuarial Practice. Society of Actuaries.

2. Bellis, C., Klugman, S., Shepherd, J., and Lyon, R., 2010 (Second Edition).
Understanding Actuarial Management: The Actuarial Control Cycle. Institute of
Actuaries of Australia.

3. Brown, R. L. and Lennox, S., 2015. Introduction to Ratemaking and Loss
Reserving for Property and Casualty Insurance (Fourth Edition), ACTEX
Publications, Inc.

4. Segal, S., 2011.Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management: The Next Step
in Business Management, Wiley.

I am also selling the solutions guide to (3) and the companion guide to (4)

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