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Originally Posted by Westley View Post
As in, "buy from us we're more expensive"? I don't think that's how marketing works.

Their administration is pretty incompetent, don't know that this will (even could) lower the quality. I've been disputing their errors for months on admin of a 401k where the person involved is grossly incompetent. Didn't they lose a lawsuit to their own employees on, essentially, cheating the participants (i.e., their own employees) on fees? Not the same area, so perhaps the people being outsourced for annuities are competent and honest, but seems unlikely.
Except they weren't doing this to lower prices to customers, it was to enrich their shareholders.

"Buy American" works, sometimes.

Transamerica was also sued in 2016 for UL rate hikes.

"Why would you buy from Transamerica, when they raise rates and oursource American jobs?"
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