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Originally Posted by Samuel
A couple of things to add: most of us will not be earning "0" in retirement: even if we don't have a part time job or pension, we will (hopefully) be collecting social security. So your 401k distributions will probably not be exempted in whole or in part by the standard deduction, and may not be confined to the lowest tax bracket.
That may be true, but my retirement preparation is based on receiving ZERO Social Security. To do otherwise at my age (35) is being dangerously optimistic. In addition, I am aiming to retire 5 or more years before age 67 (and they'll probably raise the SS age to 70 or 72), which means if I do I would indeed have a number of years of zero SS.

So I won't make any investment decisions now with the expectation of receiving something from Social Security. If I actually collect it at a level that increases my tax rates, it's not a problem, it's a bonus.
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