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Originally Posted by Soldier-MailMan-Teacher-? View Post
Hello. I am a domestic student desiring to attend U of I for actuarial science(graduate program). I am worried that not being an international student will hurt me. The number of international students in your program is high. Do they receive preferential consideration since they pay significantly more in tuition?

What are the gpa's of some admitted grad students? The dept's site only gives gre score ranges for admitted students. Thanks.
True, international students make up the majority of the program but that's more so because domestic students are either 1. ignorant of the fact Actuarial Science exists 2. just get a math degree to get better grades while still taking Actuarial Exams or 3. want to get a business degree and partake in Iowa City's festivities.

I graduated from Iowa (not an international student) with a degree in Actuarial Science and Math (undergrad programs), I was never officially "in" the program until I had about a year and a half left. That was more so because they misplaced my application from the semester before. The graduate program doesn't differ too much from the undergrad program, if I remember correctly. A majority of your classes will be with undergrads, but you will be graded on a much slightly different ("harder") scale (loved those curves ).

For reference, I graduated with a 3.33 GPA. Nothing outstanding, but very solid once you go through that program
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