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I mentioned in my previous post that I moved my surround towers to a more aesthetically acceptable position, and that this new position works great for multichannel stereo music listening ("upscaling" normal stereo music to play in 5.1.) I was curious to see how much of a compromise it would be for playing 5.1 movies.

Honestly, I think I might like this arrangement better, even for movies! The action of a movie is in front of me visually, and while I understand that the whole idea of surround sound is to make it a more immersive experience, I actually find that noises behind me are almost distracting from the cinema experience. That is, it's almost like such sounds remind me that I'm sitting in my room, watching a movie, rather than letting myself get caught up in the storyline.

I have a similar complaint about 3D movies: the 3D action is cool, but a bit gimmicky, and distracting from the storyline.

I don't think I'm just rationalizing this to myself, trying to feel better about leaving the speakers in the more convenient location. I played the scene from Dr. Strange, where the Ancient One opens his mind, and shows him alternate universes. There is a lot of panning of the Ancient One's voice all around the room in that scene. Even with the speakers to the sides, I still somehow got the illusion that the sound was coming from behind me, though not as pronounced as when the speakers were actually located behind me. So it did a good job of portraying the Ancient One as being this disembodied voice, without drawing my mind too far from the action on the screen.

I'm curious if others have played with this and had similar findings.

And, heck, even if I am rationalizing, who cares? I've found a win-win.
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