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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was last weekend and I went for a bit. A few gems from the show...

ELAC was very well represented. In one room they had a system that was $2,500 for everything, using the ELAC 5.2. And I was pretty impressed, and in my mind I'm trying to price it out and figured they spent a lot of the budget on speakers. Nope, they're $600/pr. At the price I think they are a fantastic bargain, for a lot of music you could get by without a subwoofer, though I'd recommend adding one.

The new-ish McIntosh line arrays were amazing. I've never been blown away by Mac speakers before but these sounded pretty sublime. Of course, they are $130k/pair, so I'm out.

Oh, and I'm back to trying to get something installed in my car. The subwoofer box is almost done, and I ordered all of the other stuff I'll need. Looking forward to the upgrade, the factory Bose stuff isn't great. I've never been a huge Bose fan, but most of their stuff is decent. But I think they were on a tight budget here, it's just not a very good setup.
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