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I kept thinking about Floyd Toole's guidance that EQ should be avoided above the "transition frequency," especially as I've seen other authors with the same advice.

It turns out the Audyssey app on my iPhone can limit the range that gets EQ. I've tinkered with that until the response curve is essentially flat below 300 Hz (a common transition frequency for relatively small rooms) but no EQ above that. Sound is a little cleaner now, though in some ways I preferred the "enhanced" sound I was getting when I allowed it to EQ the full spectrum.

I am curious how important it is to have matched speakers for this approach. I would think the lack of EQ in the mid and treble ranges would cause the differences among speakers to be even more evident. I may hook up my old bookshelfs and play with it. But it's not really worth it. The five identical towers just sound so darn good.
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