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Okay, so now I definitely have to go with Outlaw. I'm super impressed with their customer service. Below is the email I got this morning:

Are you planning on running 5 channels? I was able to pull up a back panel shot of the AVR25, but only see MAIN INs for the front left and front right channels. I also tried pulling up the manual, but the line artwork isn't the clearest. I would ask that you double check this, but assuming this is correct, you could only utilize the AVR25 as the power amp for 2 channels. You would also run into a bit of a headache of balancing the volume controls between the two units.

Unfortunately, if running more than two channel you would need a multi-channel power amp.
Probably didn't take them a ton of time to do that, but that's still certainly going above and beyond the call of duty! I like giving my business to companies like that.
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