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Originally Posted by Cell Phone Junkie View Post
Is it still recommended that you use a screen protector? My son says they aren't needed anymore. Do the tempered glass ones really offer that much protection for cracked screens?
Definitely yes and definitely yes.

The screen on the S7 Edge is very fragile so you will want all the protection you can get. Your son and his friends apparently don't pay for their own screen replacement costs.

The tempered glass protectors are a piece of hardened (tempered) glass with a silicon backing that: #1 provides the adhesion to the phone and #2 gives some rubbery shock absorption against impacts.

As I've mentioned elsewhere (and maybe in this thread) I have a phone repair shop and I see about half as many damaged screens among tempered glass users as those who have naked screens. They aren't a panacea as they don't help with corner drops, but my brother in law sends me a picture about every 6 months of the latest tempered glass he pulled off his iPhone. So far 3 years, no actual screen damage in spite of multiple destroyed tempered glass protectors.
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