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Originally Posted by Tetsuo View Post
yeah i feel like you really had to know your sh*t to pass the exam i got today, and the SOA 307 was not enough. some of the questions weren't hard, but asked in very strange ways. i didn't get a single standard chi square Q where you look up the value on the table, but i did get a question on chi-square asked in a very strange way. that question was actually one of the easier ones, but it was just a weird problem, like what was the point of this?
I would highly recommend the ASM study manual. There are 13 practice exams that come with it and it covers just about every short of twist and trick they can through at you. With the exam I took there were only two questions I hadn't seen at least something similar to before, one of which was doable just with the knowledge acquired by doing the practice questions from the manual.

I have used ASM for all four of the exams I passed and I have never sat in an exam surprised.
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