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Originally Posted by Adapt and Chill View Post
I believe that after taking Mahler exams, most other problems seem straightforward in comparison. If I just did Adapt and SOA 307 problems, I definitely would not have been to exposed to some of the problems I encountered on the exam.

Ultimately, seeing many different types of problems (especially ones that are harder than the exam) develops the ability to see the different things you can solve for with certain pieces of given information.
Having taken Exam C 4 times...I agree. I definitely got a few less of the totally obscure questions this sitting, compared to my second and third attempts. (Obscure meaning the topics you wouldn't anticipate, weird wording, or something that looks totally foreign even after months of studying.)

That being said, Mahler definitely prepared me for the ones I did see. It also helped me to approach questions that were worded oddly. I would think "Crap, I need X and they only gave me Z! But...if I use Z to get Y, I can use Y to get X!"

I think the SOA 307 were also helpful, but only to a point. Mahler pushes you over the edge.
I have a longer post of how my approach changed over the 4 attempts in the February thread if anyone wants more on that.
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