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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
My wife told me to go ahead and get what I want ... within reason.

I found this very interesting article about "audiophile on a budget":

The author highly recommends the Outlaw 950 pre-amp, and the Outlaw Ultra-X12 subwoofer. I could find a 950 on eBay for $165 delivered, but the inputs and outputs are really outdated. I kept talking myself into newer versions of the Outlaw preamp on eBay, for more and more money, especially if I wanted the option of returning the equipment if I didn't like it.

It just so happens that Outlaw is running a spring sale on their website. Not only did they have the X12 subwoofer for a nice savings, but they also had a good deal on the 975 preamp, a much more modern preamp than the 950, with HDMI inputs, various bass modes for the subwoofer and up to 7.1 decoding.

My old Harmon Kardon AVR25 offers a couple of different ways to use it as an amp with signal coming from an external pre-amp, so I will use that for now, and might look at separate dedicated amps later. I hooked up my HK receiver to my DCM speakers, playing Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms" CD, and it sounded pretty good. Just like I remembered, though, my setup could really benefit from a good subwoofer, so it's going to be a lot of fun to see what the new system can do.
Outlaw is a solid brand. I have four of their 200w monoblock amps and they're fantastic. Agree that the 950 is a bit dated in terms of surround decoding, but the alternatives are much more expensive. A Denon receiver would be fine, and cheaper, so I would keep that on the table.

I've not heard the Outlaw subs. I have heard the Hsu Research gear and will vouch for it - I've met Dr Hsu a couple of times, really a great guy. Around that price point he has the 12" for $604 shipped or the 15" for $892 shipped. I've heard the 15", it's a monster. Also, SVS will sell you a 10" sub for $499 shipped. I've owned two SVS subs (12" tube sub, and the PB13 Ultra), really great gear.

Alternatively, try to track down some Klipsch Reference subwoofers on Craigslist. You should be able to buy two of them for $500, and two subs will have a flatter frequency response than one, if you place them correctly.
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