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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
Thanks, George!

So are you recommending that I cancel the order for the Outlaw sub and preamp? I could probably do that if I act pretty quickly. Specifically, are you saying I would be better off with a Denon receiver? The X3300 gets good reviews, but it's $999. The X4300 gets even better reviews, but it's $1499. Of course, the Denons have Atmos, which the Outlaws don't. But I don't know if I would have that many speakers (at different heights, etc) any time in the next several years.

I was thinking the Outlaw 975 preamp plus the Outlaw 5000 amp would give me 5.1 sound with potentially superior amps. But are you saying they're not really any better than one of those Denons?
You can't really go wrong with these options! If you've ordered it and it's within budget, go for it. Outlaw has a great reputation, I'm sure their sub will deliver. I didn't realize you already ordered, and was just spouting options.

I agree that Atmos is overkill for most people. My receiver is Atmos, but I don't honestly plan on using that feature. Maybe I'll play around with it. It's more $$$ to buy speakers, and then you have to figure out where to put them all.
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