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Get the best GPA that you can, as many exams as you can and as many internships as possible.

As far as exam order goes, probably FM/P 1st/2nd MFE/MLC 3/4 C 5th

FM is probably already within your reach, as far as mathematical difficulty goes, P is quite easy after you had a probability class and the others can be done fairly easily after you had relevant classes.

Oh, and NEVER, EVER miss an opportunity to network. Be it cocktails, evenings out, golf games, or anything the act sci dept. organizes, really. A friend of mine with a sub-2.3 GPA landed an internship while swimming at the the university's pool and chance meeting an actuary.

Be likable, be interested, ask good questions, and you're set, really.

Oh, and don't believe the career section of the forum too much. You'll see people with really high GPAs and 3+ exams struggling to get a job, whereas, infact, the market isn't that bad as long as you have a nice personality and are fairly outgoing.

Oh, and definitely work on your interviewing skills as much as possible. It might be too late when you are actually interviewing for something.

(Disclaimer : I'e never set foor at the University of Illinois, I simply clicked on your post from the main page. Most of my points are fairly universal, though).
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