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Originally Posted by Westley View Post
If you get an internship, I think non-actuarial experience is completely worthless and wouldn't worry about it AT ALL for EL purposes.

For internship, also not worth much, but two caveats to that statement:
1) Depends on your def'n of non-relevant. I think retail or pizza delivery or whatever is 0% relevant. Something like tutor is more like 25% relevant. TA would be slightly more relevant. And office work, even something like secretarial or whatever would be slightly more relevant. So, there's lots of work that is slightly relevant, even if not actuarial.
2) You have to have something to put on your resume (not really that important tbh) and (much more importantly) you need to have something to talk about when you're interviewing. You probably think that having a funny story about delivering pizza that is only the tiniest bit relevant to actuarial isn't worth much. You'd be wrong. If the story: A) makes the interviewer laugh, B) makes the interviewer remember you, and C) has some tiny nugget - no matter how small - that allows the interviewer to say "I can see how that will help him be a good actuary for us", then that story is solid gold. You can get these stories from a lot of places, but getting them from work is the most common for most.

Also, I think you're worried about all the wrong stuff (I think I've said this before, but honestly might be confusing you with another poster). Unless you're in a tight situation financially, you should be enjoying college; if you're not enjoying college: 1) You're probably not going to enjoy being out and making money much more; and 2) the fact that you're not enjoying college makes me very suspicious that you are lacking in social skills that are going to hold you back professionally, and you'd be a lot better off focusing on that.
maybe it's because of my own background, but i place a lot of importance on having work history, any work history at all, when looking at EL candidates. "relevant" to me means you demonstrated responsibility by taking on work, showing up, not getting fired. better yet if you worked during the school year, you demonstrated that you were able to juggle both school and work. important to do that kind of thing as an employed actuarial student

all else equal, i'll take a candidate with work history and fewer exams over a candidate with no work history and more exams

Lesson to OP: You're possibly screwed either way because you might be interviewing with Westley or you might be interviewing with yoyo

Westley is spot on with the story thing.
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