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1st co-op was not in the field (Kollmorgen Electro-Optical Quality Department)
2nd was in the Pension Field (Diversified Investment advisors Benefit Calculation Assitant) Highly recommended
3rd was as an Underwriter (First Indemnity Insurance Underwriting Assistant) DO NOT WORK THERE!!!!
And after graduation I worked as an intern at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA VERY highly recommended

The most important thing I picked up through the co-ops was a very thorough understanding of Excel. I learned to do some pretty advanced stuff (including VBA Programming) and was generally the 'excel guy'. I honestly can't think of anything more critical to doing well in the field, except for exams. I tried to use my co-ops to test the waters in various fields, I first honed in on the actuarial profession, and then on healthcare specifically. As easy as it may have been to stay in one place for a few co-ops, I'm very glad I got to work in so many environments. I got more experience, a much better looking resume, and more contacts.

I was really lucky to get the BCBSMA internship with no exams, and I was even more lucky to have passed both P and FM in May (after graduation).

I'm now living in Kentucky, working for Humana, and loving it!
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