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Originally Posted by Hojo View Post
Basically he picked up what you were doing right away and you didn't sell it enough. He figured your BB raise against only the button was a posture move since you're new to the table and trying to create an immediate identity and he didn't want to let you get away with it. You needed to hold off a bet midway through (as if you were questioning what he had) and then come back and bet strong convinced that you have the better of it.

He basically read you like a book.
I know he read me like a book. This is clearly a polarized strategy to use. I use this with total air and with strong 9-low or better. Nobody with his right mind would believe his 10-low is good there, its only a bluff catcher.

So that's why I'm asking if the Draw one/Pat/Pat would sell it better, on average. This was basically the first time I got called with anything worse than 8 low there so I'm questionning my method.
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