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Originally Posted by chiefofpool View Post
I need some insight for those who play this game. I tried a move on a Pokerstar Team pro yesterday in a SCOOP 8-game event in TS 2-7 that didn't work and been wondering if there is a better way to pull it.

I just had moved to a new table (very first hand) and I'm on the BB with 2x the average stack size. We're well past the bubble and obviously nobody has info on me since I just got there. Everyone fold to the button who raises, SB fold and I reraise, with the button calling. Button is like a said a Team Pokerstar pro and has just a bit less chips than me. I decided to stand pat with a junk hand and he draws 2. From there, I bet every street and kept standing pat while he drew 2, 2 then 1. He called me in the end with a 10 high!! Lost about half my stack there. This move has worked for me quite well in the past and usually I am only called with 8 low and better.

So here's what I'm wondering. If you want to make such a move, which is better? Betting and standing pat as above, or drawing 1 at the first draw then patting twice? What would be your calling range in each scenario if you're the button?
In a limit game you are getting good odds to call the river

When I try snowing it's in position. You know how many cards they are drawing and
1) Have a better idea initially if it will work
2) Can have option to abort and draw at some point
3) Can save a bet on end if the guy comes out betting

So, a decent time is when you open late with a marginal hand..draw one to say a rough 8 or 9...and the other guy draws 2 or 3. If you miss, just stay pat and snow
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