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Just a reminder:

You can post your notes online using the upload button after clicking post reply, or you can always email them to me at tom(at) If that isn't easy enough, just PM me here and I can send you my fax number or we can work something else out!

Any questions about what/how to post, can be answered here!


\\\\\\\ please read ///////

All posts in this thread that do not have notes attached will be deleted!

Members who donate notes* will be added to a user group much like the site supporters. This group will have added privileges such as a larger avatar and a custom user title other than 'member.'

Please note that some notes may be out of date, contain information that may no longer be tested, or not cover all required information for your exam. Please check your exam syllabus for a list of required study topics for your exam, before using these notes.

Notes that have been donated have not been checked for accuracy! If you do find an error in any of the notes, please feel free to point them out to me (or the original poster) via PM and I can edit the post where they were uploaded to call the error to everyone's attention.

Please only post notes that you own or have permission to post. Please respect other’s intellectual property and only post notes that meet our copyright policy.

Thanks again,


*a respectable amount

/////// please read \\\\\\\
Questions? Contact me at or send me a PM here.
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