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I usually make my own espresso at home, and I prefer Cafe Umbria Gusto Crema. But I usually intersperse it with Lavazza Super Crema, which is pretty good and about half the price of Cafe Umbria.

When I *do* actually get coffee somewhere else, I almost always end up getting Starbucks, because it's convenient and they've got a good business model. Their flat white is okay, but their standard issue coffee is horrible and smells like burning tires. As long as I add enough milk to it, it's tolerable.

I used to really like Cafe Ladro, but I don't live there anymore, so that's not an option. And I am not a fan of Dutch Bros. As mentioned, McCafe is surprisingly decent, and Dunkin Donuts isn't bad either. Unfortunately, none of them are as convenient and fast as Starbucks.
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