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Originally Posted by ronaldy27 View Post
I'm seriously down to spend like $3500 on a PC. The cost doesn't bother me much.
I just hate to replace parts over and over. I hate the hassle.
I know it's not a necessity but I'd be bothered by how there is a "better" part out there and I'd itch to upgrade.
This is the reason why I just game on consoles. It's simple.
While PC offers the convenience of being able to upgrade one part at a time, my preference (at least now) is to do the entire build at once, where all the parts used are around the same performance level. That way, there isn't really any one part in particular that's bottlenecking the system. When the computer no longer cuts it, I'd just build a new one and sell off the old one.

However, now that I've built a much stronger PC, that might change, but only because it's difficult to predict what advances will be made in the future. Will I end up needing to get an RTX card a lot sooner than my 1080ti would normally be replaced? Who knows.

I say, spend 2k+ on your dream computer (going above 3k either means you need a ton of storage / different kind of processor / multiple GPU's for professional production stuff, which I'm willing to bet is not the case for any of us). Once you build your PC, stop following hardware news very closely and stop browsing through pcpartpicker every day and just enjoy it. That's how I try to fight off the itch.
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"Cali" SMH.
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