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Originally Posted by Darkrage View Post
From a thread about 3 years ago, it seemed like more than a few people commented that working from home limits your upward potential.

Is that attitude still there? Say you perform just as well at home as in office. Are you more likely to be promoted if you are in the office 5 days a week versus 3?
Promoted to what? Doing the same thing before the promotion? Probably not. And that would not be a "promotion" as much as it is, "we'd like to pay you more, and the only way to do that is to put you in a higher HR bracket," type thing.

If we consider promotion as "being responsible for a lot of work that requires your managing other people," then maybe working exclusively from home does not provide the decision-makers with enough information to believe that a home-worker can manage. And will give that job to someone else.

The flexibility of a company to allow WFH seems, to me, to be a very productive way to do business. As a requirement (by the worker), yeah, it's probably still a bit stifling, career-wise.
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