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This receiver (last year's flagship) has been offered for a tantalizingly low sale price for a couple of months:

Yes, I already have a Marantz receiver (SR5011). But I don't like its version of Audyssey. I had tried the in between model (SR6011), but convinced myself at the time it wasn't worth the extra cash. When using Direct (and/or Pure Direct) mode, there is very little difference in sound, if any. But all other modes sound better to me with the higher level Audyssey that comes on the SR6011 and this model.

Also, this model would allow two different calibrations for two different subwoofers, which I may want to do one day. I'll definitely want two subs one day. But most receivers just do one calibration for the subs, which is fine if your two subs are the exact same. But if I want to keep my current sub and add on a better one, then this type of calibration could be a big help.

It would probably be smarter to just wait a few years until I move and can do a dedicated home theater, and then just upgrade all kinds of stuff at once. For now, I can't really do Atmos, because there's no way my wife is going to let me install ceiling speakers in this house.

But, man, this thing is tempting me...

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