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Originally Posted by ShundayBloodyShunday View Post
In about 3 more games when there's enough film on him to start analyzing his tendencies under different scenarios.
Originally Posted by Pujols4Prez View Post
I'll mark your prediction. It's kind of hard to analyze his tendency of "taking what the defense gives you unless there is nothing than just flat out being better than them". He is going to have a 0 TD/3 INT game sometime this season, but that just means he had a bad day. I see staying power for him as opposed to Deshaun "Just chuck it deep and hope my guy comes down with it" Watson.
Meant to post earlier; but it appears that the Patriots did well in keeping Mahomes "off balance".

He certainly wasn't the "wonder child" folks were making him out to be. And I do not chalk his performance up to "having a bad day". The Patriots are masters of film study, IMO.

To Mahomes' credit; he did do well overall in that game.
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