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Originally Posted by GadgetGeek View Post
Nook runs on Android. Maybe the new $150 wi-fi only one is what I should look at...
I am interested in that.

Some plus:
WIFI is free at any AT&T WIFI hotspot.
Can add broswer, facebook and twitter.
Excellent battery life with removable battery
as USB storage unit for backup storage

$150, that is less than 1/3 ipad. It is not Ipad and was never meant to be one. It was designed to be an ebook reader and its screen technology is e-ink type. The screen is not as beautiful as LCD/LED screen but it much easier on the eyes and battery. Good for email client and newspaper reader. The cpu is ARM1176ZJF running at 533/667MHz which is about as good as of many lower end Android smartphone. Nook would certainly benefit greatly from Froyo OS update. Given that large number of nook other, I think it is highly likely to see an update either from BN (less likely) or the developer communities (much more likely).
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