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VZW just announced that anyone who is up for a contract renewal in 2010--including those eligible for annual upgrades as primary account holders--can immediately upgrade to the Droid X. I'm seriously considering doing this. The Droid has been fun, but the multi-touch keyboard on the Droid X really impresses me in video demos. This is the closest to iPhone typing I've seen so far on an Android device. Not even the EVO offers a multi-touch keyboard. Watch the 2nd embedded video on this page to see a direct comparison. I think this would let me finally peaceably part with a physical keyboard.

The biggest unknown (that matters to me) is info on the Droid X's battery life. I'm hoping that they put a better battery in it. If the battery is at least as good as the Droid's, I'll probably make the switch.

My only other slight reservation is the larger size of the Droid X, but I don't think that will be a big issue. If anything, it probably makes typing easier, which is a big plus for me.

Oh, and for those that think that making this kind of switch is expensive, keep in mind that you can sell your existing phone on ebay free of contract to cover the cost. Right now, the original Droid is going for over $200 (the cost of the Droid X). If anything, you'll make a little money.

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