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While the multitouch keyboard is interesting, I'm not really sure it would even matter. I was using the stock EVO keyboard for 2 weeks before I got Swype and I never had an issue with multitouch. That being said, it doesn't hurt and is a nice feature.

I was just reading notes from the press conference yesterday and boy did Verizon dump an entire 5 gallon bucket of egg on AT&T's face. Everyone was speculating that Verizon was bringing the tiered data plans, but it was quite the shocker when someone asked if the unlimited data was with a 5gb cap. Verizon said nope, unlimited is unlimited. Tethering is $20 for 2gb, which I'm fine with since they probably want to give people a reason to keep buying data cards and I consider tethering to be an "in case you need it" type of feature. Plus there is always rooting if you don't want to pay.

Currently the EVO and the Droid X are going to be the two truly unlimited options out there. We'll see if AT&T holds their ground.
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