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Originally Posted by nonactuarialactuary View Post
Interesting that they start it at the first exam attempt. If people study for 4 months on average for these things, that implies a travel time of 8.5 years rather than 8.2, because the time spent studying for the first exam should probably be counted as part of the travel time (granted, the data isnít as readily available, but I think you could make an educated guess here).
I'm sure they went with what was more easily measured, but you should certainly take into account the amount of time that is spent studying for the first exam in terms of total travel time.

It's hard to make any meaningful measure though. I've heard tales of people in China holing themselves away and not working at a job and doing literally nothing but passing exams for a period of time... which results in a relatively short travel time, especially if they're taking and passing multiple exams each sitting - something that most of us never attempt.

Others, meanwhile, go slowly while in college, take time off for work or personal reasons (skip a sitting during a labor-intensive acquisition, to get married, to have a kid, etc.)

There's just no good way to measure that takes all of the variables into account.
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