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Originally Posted by youngorchard View Post
it is just not possible to transfer obligations related to UPR.
This is not the case.

However, as you point out, the definitions don't really match up, so you'd probably call it something else - you're not transferring losses, you're transferring unearned premium. Not sure it matters what you call it, and if somebody called it an LPT, I probably wouldn't correct then so long as I knew that everybody understood what was happening and it wasn't creating any confusion.

To the question of transferring UPR in general, it's common to have a reinsurance contract go into effect on January 1 for all policies written after January 1; and then you have to decide whether to include the UPR - sometimes you do, sometimes not. So, it's def possible to transfer UPR obligations.

More generally, you can transfer almost anything, you just need a willing buyer, a willing seller, and approving regulators.
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