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I got nailed down with an excel question last week. I've used excel not-so-recently in preparing for exam M, but I had a difficult time describing all those exercises as "applications".

Side Note: My phone interview was for a major insurance company. The interviewers were all actuaries (and there were more than two of them; it was a conference call). What really threw me off was the silence with which I was greeted after almost every answer. Aside from the times the head interviewer softly mumbled something about "ok, that was a good answer", I just didn't know if I was expected to elaborate or not. I chose to elaborate-BIG mistake! I found out afterwards that they felt I spoke too much ("non-stop", I was told!). Oh, and I was prepared for the questions (except for that excel one). What they wanted to know, I told them (granted, this is my perspective, not theirs).

Advice Note: If you're told at the onset of the interview that one of the reasons they would like to speak with you is to "hear your voice", don't believe it! I think they're just looking for an excuse to do some weeding, especially if we're discussing a large firm. And these were actuaries, mind you all! Not HR.

Just my (unfortunate) experience.
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