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Originally Posted by Liar View Post
Have you done ADAPT quizzes? I do 10-question quizzes after each section.
I'm on premiums right now.

So far, there wasn't a single problem I didn't know how to solve. I make a silly calculation mistake on my quizzes and end up with a 9, but I at least know how to solve every problem.

Now, my ASM and TIA friends & coworkers on the other hand...

We decided to study together once and I was a bit afraid when I saw them solve problems in ways I haven't seen, but every single time, they say "Wait, was it this formula or that formula"?
I got all the questions right in our get together sessions, while they got almost everything wrong.
You must be so proud of yourself. I have an average IQ and TIA worked pretty damn well for me and helped me master MLC...
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