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The only thing a shrinking population scares is corporations who can't get cheap labor anymore. That's why they're pushing for open borders to protect their record-shattering profits.

It is *good* for countries with high population densities like Japan and South Korea to depopulate. Japan needs to focus on cutting public spending, though. The weight of the annual interest payment on their debt will exceed their tax revenues shortly.
South Korea is fine with their more conservative public spending.

What people should focus on is median income (Or at least GDP Per Capita), not aggregate nominal GDP.
Aggregate nominal GDP doesn't measure life quality.

Originally Posted by snikelfritz View Post
All the talk of Japan's great stagnation is interesting when compared to GDP per person, which has been growing nicely, it's just that the number of people hasn't.
But the top .01% in the country are only making 50x the average person and not 5000x like in the west!!! We have to open our borders to drop wages and/or do some more QE to lower the income so the rich can get even richer and the poor can get even poorer!!!

Pro-immigration (il)logic 101.

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