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Originally Posted by kaka_like_you View Post
Hi guys, how many hours do you think we need to spend to pass exam C (I use ASM study manual and have background in statistics in university)? I'm working full time now so I can only spend 2-3 hours at night for studying. I worry that it's not enough time for me. My fellows always warn me the difficulties of exam C.

I also want to take MLC in late October (and one VEE course but it's not a priority), the time from exam C to exam MLC (late June to late October) seems be a little tight to finish ASM manual with 1800 pages, so I think I have to prepare some parts of MLC from now. It's hard for me to plan to study C and MLC without any experiences. I just believe that I can spend 2-3 hours every nights from now to October next year (Sometimes I think actuaries have no life hahah). Advise please!!
I can't speak to C as I'm in your boat of taking it in June as well, but this year I spent from early July til October studying for MLC for 3-4 hours a day (between work and home) and by the time I took the exam the end of the month I was getting close to 100% on the practice/past exams (and felt very confident with the actual exam sitting, though I won't get a score back til January). It will depend a lot on how well you grasp the material and such, but June to October should be plenty doable I'd say.
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