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Originally Posted by kaka_like_you View Post
Hi guys, how many hours do you think we need to spend to pass exam C (I use ASM study manual and have background in statistics in university)? I'm working full time now so I can only spend 2-3 hours at night for studying. I worry that it's not enough time for me. My fellows always warn me the difficulties of exam C.

I also want to take MLC in late October (and one VEE course but it's not a priority), the time from exam C to exam MLC (late June to late October) seems be a little tight to finish ASM manual with 1800 pages, so I think I have to prepare some parts of MLC from now. It's hard for me to plan to study C and MLC without any experiences. I just believe that I can spend 2-3 hours every night from now to October next year (Sometimes I think actuaries have no life hahah). Advise please!!
Advice: worry about one exam at a time. If you are going to study for C to take in June, don't worry about having enough time to study for MLC in October. If you try to study some of both at the same time, you could easily find yourself not devoting enough time to C and failing, meaning you wouldn't be taking MLC in October anyway. Worry about your next exam when you pass the one in front of you.

As for the amount of time you'll need, three hours a night from now until late June would give you nearly 600 hours of studying.. You have more than enough time for C.
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