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Originally Posted by DjPim View Post
I'm starting to worry about how often this will be offered. I know someone else guessed earlier in this thread that it will be at least 2 or 3 times a year. Has anyone heard anything official? All I see on SOA website is first sitting 2018 December, with no indication of second sitting.

I only ask because all I'll have left is PA exam and FAP modules (if I find out next month that I passed MLC). I can spend the rest of 2018 doing one of those two, and I'd rather not take the first sitting of PA, but if the second sitting isn't for 6 or 12 months after that, I might reevaluate.
I'm in a similar boat. I recently submitted my IA and still need to round out the second half of FAP. Outside of that, however, my only remaining requirements are the APC and PA. I'm hoping to submit my FA by the end of July. If I'm fortunate enough to pass the IA, I should get results around that time and be able to knock out the APC in September or October.

I'd also rather not sit PA for the first sitting, but I feel that I don't have a choice. I'm afraid that it will be offered twice a year (summer/winter). Add that concern to a likely 12+ week grading window means that skipping on the first sitting may delay getting an ASA until the second half of 2019 (and that assumes you pass on the first attempt!).

Have you started on FAP yet? If not, I'd recommend getting through that ASAP so you can focus on the first sitting. I'm hoping to get several months of studying in, but I know materials will be sparse and little is known about the PA "modules."

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