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Originally Posted by NotSmart View Post
Excuse me?
Look at my SAT Math score. My SAT scores were so low I had to attend community college. I never even took calculus. My formal math education went up to Trigonometry.

And yet, look where I'm at. I never struggled with a single Actuarial Exam and passed all of them with scores of 8+.

I just disproved the myth that actuaries are good at math.
Yeah, I've seen your previous posts. You mention your low IQ/SAT score every chance you get. You also mentioned failing MLC/LTAM 3 times with a 0 and then finally passing with an 8 only after using CA (which you also bring up every chance you get). In the unlikely event that that's true, then I hardly consider that having "never struggled with a single Actuarial Exam."

Although you don't need a formal math background to pass these exams, there's no question that these exams are difficult and require thrifty math skills. You are not believable.

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