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Default Join The Exam LTAM Preparation Program Beginning February 10th

Hi LTAM Candidates:

We at are offering The Exam LTAM Preparation Program beginning February 10th. This 3-month comprehensive and structured live program offers LTAM students the hands-on instruction, coaching, and guidance from a a true expert in LTAM preparation to lead students to be in the strongest position to pass Exam LTAM on April 30th.

The Exam LTAM Preparation Program offers students:

(1) Live weekly class lectures covering the required LTAM syllabus topics and reviewing related problem solving to prepare students for both the multiple choice and written answer portions of the exam

(2) Open Forum following each live lecture in which students can ask questions from any category of LTAM syllabus topics/problem solving

(3) Weekly assigned problem sets and quizzes to practice the problem solving of reviewed exam syllabus topics and allow the instructor to monitor the exam preparation progress of each student

(4) The opportunity for students to email the program instructor throughout the program with questions from any category of LTAM syllabus topics/problems

(5) Online Office hours each week in which students can schedule times to meet privately with the program instructor to review any category of LTAM syllabus topics/problem solving

(6) Access to recordings of live lectures

The program will provide students with a roadmap to exam success under the leadership of one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and best Exam LTAM instructors in the profession.

I would strongly recommend this program to anybody preparing for the LTAM exam. There isn't a better way to prepare than this….Vincent O.

To learn more about The Exam LTAM Preparation Program and to register, please visit the link below:
(212) 874-4105
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