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Originally Posted by dkamka View Post
We sound like we have had the exact same experiences. Knowing there's a difference in what type of manual students like, i can see you and are are the same. In that case, YES i recommend Actex for the very same reasons you said. You took all the right words out of my mouth!!

Cool i hope you enjoy it for this exam. I'm almost sure it's going to be another really good manual. This is the very first and final exam before ASA that I plan on not using any manual or other seminars besides TIA. For every exam so far (P, FM, MFE, MLC) i've bought multiple study manuals and seminars when in the end i always say to myself the most i would have needed is TIA, Actex (not necessary though) and Adapt. That's my winning combo if i were to get a manual. TIA keeps saying seminars are self contained and there's 831 exercises in the CBT problem system, so i'm going to work 100% plus the 5 TIA original exams and transition to Adapt. If i struggle at all remember things and keeping all topics cohesive, i'll add Coaching Actuaries review videos which have lots of short cut videos and reviewing topics goes much quicker. Well see. I hope to finish by mid Jan so i have 4 weeks to do Adapt.
Ok good, when the time comes, i'll most likely purchase this then. I've never used TIA, but I've only ever heard good things. I did see the few free videos for MFE, and thought it was pretty good, but I didn't want to spend money on it (I already spent a good amount for the manual, exam, ADAPT). I know people like seminars and videos, but I'm a simple man and only need the manual. Who knows, maybe i'll need it this time around.

Good luck on your exam!
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