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Originally Posted by gcact View Post
The plan I pitched to the supervisors is similar. The PA module looks difficult, but certainly not at the same level as a 5-hour FSA exam, I set the raise and study hours to be slightly more than what we do for MLC/LTAM but not the same amount as an FSA exam.
Chief actuary is super busy and hasn't had time to review all the changes and the new structure yet, so not sure what the final plan is going to look like.

I am unsure about the prelim raises being split among the 6 exams rather than just adding money into the program, but I'm sure HR and the CA will have a better handle on how to manage that.
That was somewhat an issue for us. I work at an insurance company that has SOA students and CAS students. We had to make our raises over FSA/FCAS match up.
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