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Originally Posted by Falafel View Post
Off the bat, I think it would be useful to add the number of credentialed actuaries in the office, which would help EL candidates figure out which offices might hire.
Originally Posted by Forever Student
That would be too complicated because things change, people move and companies go out of business.
I think this problem could be made easier if we set up a grouping system, where things are split up into small, medium, and large offices. Say 3 or less, 3-20, 20+. Although I'm not sure what specific numbers would be best to use, this might be an effective way to show candidates roughly how big a place is.

Originally Posted by Falafel View Post
Also, I'm not sure how often it happens right now but it would be useful to group similar company names at the same address, since people might write their company name different despite working for the same company.
It does happen. I'll hopefully get around to changing some of these.

Originally Posted by Colonel Smoothie
While you're at it, can you produce an automated script that mass emails all of the actuaries? You can create different templates for each subfield (Pensions, P&C, Life, Health).

Originally Posted by DrWillKirby View Post
put a dot for each actuary and smoothscatter please
Unfortunately Google doesn't let me be that cool.

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