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I've found that the rental endorsements aren't all that great as it's a new market and insurers really don't want to take on that risk.

Airbnb actually offers the best coverage if you take it at face value but there are plenty of examples littering the internet of them denying legitimate claims and the process taking so long that the income you lose in the meantime makes it not worth it (you can't host while a claim is being processed or it voids the claim).

Honestly unless you want to pay up for a service that offers daily coverage for each day it's rented there's not a great solution right now. These carriers are the most reliable but the coverage is definitely the priciest.

Let me know if you find a traditional homeowner's carrier that offers a good insurance solution at a reasonable price. I recently looked into allstate because I discovered they had a cheap rider, but found the coverage it offered to be lacking and basically useless.
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