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Default Recommend me an Android phone

I have a nexus 4, it's getting old, the battery only lasts the day with low use, it also randomly turns itself off sometimes, so it's time for an upgrade.

I know nothing of phones on the market now.

I'm happy with the Nexus 4, I wouldn't mind getting a better camera on my next phone, I do like to take the odd picture with my phone.

I rarely use my phone for gaming, it's mainly for emails / texts / internet.

If not for the battery issue I'd keep it, maybe I should just get a new battery? But it's all integrated so sort of a nuisance to switch.

I'm not on a contract, and do not want to be on a contract, so I'll pay whatever the phone costs. I could pay a lot for a fancy phone, but I sort of need to be convinced there's value. The Nexus 4 was fairly cheap, so I probably don't want to go over ~400, unless someone tells me otherwise.
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