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Gahhh, I wish I had seen this way earlier but for future reference for anyone else:

YES, so so so worthwhile. Fall Career Fair for the College of Natural Science is your one stop shoppe for actuarial job opportunities. When I attended a couple of years ago, the actuarial recruiters were segmented off onto our own wing so we didn't have to sift through all the other companies looking for physics/chem kids. There is normally a table for each of major consulting firms and large insurers. Most of the companies do on-campus recruiting so they will be back to give interviews to the kids they like, but some just collect the resumes and will fly you out to their home office if they see promise in you. For a list of who showed up see: UT Career Fair
(looks smaller than what I remember but then it was more promising times and pre-merger of the Watson/Towers)

The Spring Fair... is normally slim pickings. One or two firms show with last minute intern opportunities.

I think you have to be a current UT student to attend those things (they scan your UT ID at the door). Also, there are some companies that don't attend career fair but will come on campus just to recruit and do interviews independently. These companies/opportunities are listed on the Recruiting website accessible to again only those with current UT EIDs and passwords.
You can always email the person in charge of Actuarial Career opportunties used to be Laura M. (if she's still there) to see if they'll make an exception for alumni.
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