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Originally Posted by Hartke View Post
I dont think there is much room for independent thought in data entry.

OP sounds like he is in defeatism, which is (like vj said) probably coming out in interviews. It sounds like it is also holding back your search to the point where you are not even getting interviews anymore.

Sounds like you need to reset your frame of mind. Re-write your resume, get applications out, get a list of target companies to keep an eye on, network with people you know (you know FSAs, reach out to them). Maybe even look for a different job; if the data entry is doing nothing for you, try to find something that you can apply at least some analysis to.

and above all, put a positive spin on all your experiences.
Well, you are right about the data entry. There is not much thinking at all. You just have to type extremely fast and use the mouse extremely fast. It is a very demeaning job.

When you can never find a good job, it leads to the defeatist mindset. Because everywhere you go, you get defeated.
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