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Default Actuarial Tools - Excel Add-In

Hi everyone,

It's finally time to release the first public version of Actuarial Tools (you may recall there was a beta test a few months ago).

Product website - you can browse all features and see screenshots

Download link

What is it?
- A .NET (no VBA) Excel Add-In made for actuaries (by actuaries)
- Actuarial calculations (currently 10 functions)
- Stock templates
- Actuarial data resources (and coming soon…financial/economic data as well)
- Excel utilities (23 functions) + other utilities (some are pretty cool!)
- The goal of the add-in is to be "useful for all actuaries, regardless of practice area"

How do I use it?
- Just download and install
- You can install at work – choose the ‘Corporate User’ version on the download page: it does not require administrator rights to run

What does it cost?
- There is a free 45-day trial with access to all features
- Purchase annually for $39
- We’ve priced it as low as we could so as many people can use it as possible

- Use the built-in feedback form in Excel or email or use this thread

- Looking for P&C expertise to help determine what features should be built with respect to P&C
- Also looking for U.S. pension expertise
- Please email or message if interested

We hope you enjoy using it! We appreciate any and all feedback.
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