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Originally Posted by seabass
Totally IMO, but many I've talked with share the opinion. It's no secret that Nintendo switched up the chain of events when they realized that they couldn't delay the game any longer, and the "quest" might have been introduced to keep the proper game length. BTW, maybe I'm wrong, but isn't this sidequest essential to finishing the game? I don't mean to spoil anyone who hasn't played this one, but it involves digging into the ocean.

I also felt like the sailing took more time than horseriding in OOT, even with the shortcut you get a little ways into the game. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game at first, but it got to the point of tediousness about halfway through.
I agree the sailing thing was a bit annoying...but also - it allowed for something different. I think traversing any large area (be it land in OOT, or water in WW) is dull...and they just probably figured a very "flooded" world would be different isntead of more of the same.

It really depends on which quest you are talkin about...i'm pretty sure there wasn't too much running back and forth that was required...definetely alot that wasn't required tho...but it's been 2 years since i've who knows...
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