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Originally Posted by seabass
I hear these things more and more and wonder if maybe Nintendo is right after all. I've heard rumors of a $99-$149 system (with a potential profit, no less!), and maybe the return of a bundled game? Right now the DS is leading PSP, despite being a noticably less powerful system. The games are cheaper to create, the system is more versatile from a control standpoint, and its half the price.
Also, Nintendo has always had success by toning down their battery consumption. This was the case when Sega came out with their handheld (I forget the name) that took something like 8 batteries and lasted 3 hours compared to the Gameboy that took 4 batteries and lasted 8 hours. This was mainly due to the color, backlit screen vs monochrome, non-backlit screen. "Better" is very subjective in realms such as video games systems...
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